Welcome and orientation tour

  • Pick up at location (airport, hotel, office, train station) 

  • Tailored program based on your needs and requirements (such as tour of downtown Chicago, shopping area (magnificent mile), tourists highlights)

  • Assist with identifying preferred living areas including housing visits 

  • Overview of neighborhood

  • Verbal and written information on living in the greater Chicago metropolitan area.

At Home

settling-in services

  • Establish a pick up location (airport, hotel, office, train station)

  • Assist with obtaining State I.D. 

  • Assist with obtaining driver’s license (provide driving manual and studying materials)

  • Assist with setting up bank account services 

  • Coordinate to sign up for landline, internet and mobile phones 

  • Facilitate to set up utilities (gas, electricity, water, garbage, etc.)

  • Assistance with insurance (life-, car insurance, etc.)

  • Visit local grocery store

  • Overview and orientation of the neighborhood

  • Assistance with vehicle (import, rental, lease or purchase of car), vehicle registration and sign up for I-Pass (highway tolls)

  • Overview of public transportation services 

  • Assist with pets registration 

  • Advice on leisure activities including club memberships, research and provide information regarding country clubs memberships, theater, community organizations, etc. as requested

  • Provide information on park district sports and club sports within your neighborhood.


  • Facilitate home search services (temporary, renting or buying)

  • Coordinate the option of furnished accommodations 

  • Assistance with lease, deficiency list, handover of accommodation 

  • Neighborhood orientation (grocery stores, schools, local transport)

  • Provide options for moving assistance

  • Advise on furniture stores, interior decorators and architects

House Viewing
Kids in Preschool


  • Coordinate tailored information about schooling options (public and private)

  • Arrange and accompany the family to school, kindergarten or day care tour

  • Assist with registration of children at schools, kindergarten, or day care 

  • Information on support options for children with special education needs 

  • Advise on sport options for children (basketball, baseball, soccer, tennis, hockey, etc.)

  • Information on babysitters and nannies 

intercultural support & seminars

  • Facilitate exposure to the Chicagoland culture and lifestyle 

  • Assist with a smooth transition and integration 

  • Coordinate to Identify differences between your culture and the Chicagoland culture 

  • Assist with learning about Chicagoland “Do’s and Don’ts”

  • Go over topics of high interest and relevance 

Support Group