About us

We and our team bring our highest integrity, experiences and extensive knowledge of the Chicago metropolitan area to facilitate a smooth transition and integration for those that are relocating. We understand the importance for individuals to ensure their families and loved ones are safe, comfortable and everything is in place up to their standards. We don't want our clients to just settle in the Chicagoland. We want them to feel at home!


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pascal grunder

Co-Founder & President | pascalg@pbconnect.org

Pascal was born and raised in Basel, Switzerland. Soon after he finished his apprenticeship in Basel, he moved to Chicago in 1998. In 2008, he relocated for his employer at the time to Atlanta where he lived for 4 years before returning back to Chicago, the city he calls home. He worked 27 years in International Logistics in various management roles.  During that time, he had the opportunity to travel all over the United States and various countries throughout Asia and Europe.  Working for several International corporations he has seen the lack of relocation support provided for individuals and families moving to the United States. The last 22 years in the States has allowed him to build up a professional and social network in many industries. When it comes to factors of relocation these connections have provided him the understanding of cultural differences and language barriers which can be a challenge during a move. He has now chosen to dedicate his time, efforts, and expertise to support individuals and families with the relocation process.

beatris gonzalez

Co-Founder & CEO | beatrisg@pbconnect.org

Beatris has lived in Chicago for over 40 years.  Born and raised she has developed a love for the city of Chicago.  She is fluent in the languages of  English and Spanish. She received a BA in Sociology from the University of Illinois in Chicago.  Beatris is a visible leader working towards improving and creating a positive diverse culture within the team, by engaging herself in daily operations to ensure that all clients are provided with the right tools to meet their individual needs and goals.  Her experience with working within the Chicagoland area has given her the knowledge, integrity, and self-motivation to continue to work towards effective relationships and visions with those that she wants to share her passion of Chicago with.


trudy huang

Relocation Consultant | welcome@pbconnect.org

Trudy is originally from Taiwan where she worked for several International companies. Through her experiences in Asia she is fluent in Mandarin, Japanese and English.  She relocated to Chicago over a year ago to be joined with her husband.  She received her Master’s in Business Administration at the University of Illinois in Chicago. Trudy and her husband have experienced the challenges that come with relocation and through this has developed an understanding of the process.  Even though Chicago is a multicultural city, she was faced with some of the cultural differences. She sees the increasing need of personally tailored services that would help facilitate this process for our clients when making these kinds of life decisions .



Relocation Consultant | welcome@pbconnect.org

Evelyne moved to Chicago with her husband and their 2 kids from France. She understands the value of having local experts on your side.  The knowledge which can help to provide a clear picture of what to expect with such a move.   The local expertise can provide information as to the best living areas.  Especially when it involves the input of the schools for the youngest members of the family. In France she worked in various consulting roles in the public and private sector. The French community is growing in Chicago and Evelyne speaking French and English will be a benefit to her clients. She believes having that support will allow you to actually enjoy the exciting parts which come with relocating to a new city.